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Kennedy High The Magnet High School

Our Core Values

Respect for others

A Healthy Life Style




Self Discipline


Commitment - Family

Principal's Message

The school has modeled itself into a progressive and leading institution in the field of education. The school gives importance to the combination of Indian ethos and values bundled with modern outlook and sensitivity, so that our students can emerge as true global leaders in future. Teachers provide challenging classroom experiences that are designed to encourage curiosity in every student.

Mrs. Sarita Pasumala

Director's Desk

It has been our earnest endeavor to inculcate child specific quality education that caters to the needs of every child. We made all efforts to bring in the scientific temperament in this fast changing scenario around the world, so that they will be future ready. Consistent up gradation of the skills of every member of our team, is always on the top of our priority list.

Mrs. Sarala Kamavarapu

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Our Management

Mr . B.S.N Murthy

Secretary and correspondent

"Winner do not do different things , winners do things differently "

Job Description

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Mrs K. Sarala

Joint Secretary

"Our objective is to provide an environment for the holistic development of child so that he finally emerges as winner. "

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Mr K.Ramesh


"A Strong education system is the backbone of any nation. "

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Mrs P.Saritha


"The School is place of joy , a temple of knowledge and a home away from home "

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""A School always cater to the needs of each and every student,So that they groom themselves to grow up into better adults." "

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"A happy child is always in the learning mode and it is the responsibility of every parent and teacher to ensure that the child is always happy, to enable it to be more enthusiastic to enhance knowledge levels. "

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