CBSE Syllabus

Almost all schools in India like Kendriya Vidyalaya as well as the Jawahar N Vidyalayas in addition - other private school in the Delhi NCT are affiliated - the CBSE syllabus. The complete syllabus is separated into units. Each unit is then allotted a number of periods that are necessary - cover the portions of an academic year. The weightage marks thus got will be added - the score of the final exams. By this method, the students and the teacher would be able - plan the study of the variety of divisions of the syllabus correctly and efficiently.

SSC Syllabus

The SSC syllabus is dependent on the government of that particular State. For each state, a separate education board would be available. The syllabus would then be decided by them as per the normal standards. The mode of instruction of this type of study will include English as well as the regional language.​

Key Differentiators between CBSE and SSC Syllabus

While the CBSE syllabus offers education in a more scientific method, the SSC syllabus gives more importance to practical implication of related subjects. Another main differentiator amid the two is that, the former is considered much better than the latter. Students of the CBSE have an advantage of the SSC as the syllabus of the CBSE will be the same all over the nation. In case the students transfer from one state - another, the transition will be marginally easier for them. This would not be similar in case of the SSC syllabus students. It would be difficult for some to adjust - the syllabus of another Government school.

Our Highlights

  • ASTROGEN for the best Pre primary curriculum.
  • Achievements in Academics.
  • Our Grade - Xstudents have passed with outstanding results with 100% pass.
  • Out of 27 students, 3 Secured 10 GPA, 10 Secured A1, 14 Secured A2 & 3 Secured B grade points.
  • We aspired - be the best in Academics & it was always on the top of our priority list. We tried this by associating ourselves with the best partners in the education fraternity.
Grade School Timings
PG/Nursery 09.30 AM - 12.30 PM
PP1&PP2 09.30 AM - 03.00 PM
Class I-V 08.30 AM - 03.00 PM
Class VI-X 08.30 AM - 04.30 PM

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