Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern Term - I

Assessment Dates PTM
Formative Assessment - I 26-06-2019 to 288-06-2019 13-07-2019
Formative Assessment - II 06-08-2019 to 08-08-2019 17-08-2019
Summative Assessment - I 20-09-2019 to 26-09-2019 12-09-2019

ExamPattern Term - II

Assessment Dates PTM
Formative Assessment - III 28-11-2019 to 30-11-2019 14-12-2019
Formative Assessment - IV 28-12-2019 to 31-12-2019
Summative Assessment - II 16-03-2020 to 20-03-2020 28-03-2020

Exam Pattern Term

  • Kennedy High - the magnet school implements the school of Continues and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
  • (CCE) includes both formative and summative assessments spread evenly through out the academic year . A detailed report in Scholastic areas will be generated in two terms of the year
  • Each Term has two Formative Assessments and one Summatives.
  • Pre Primary Students assessed for four formative Assessments and three summative assessments.
  • Parent Teacher Meets (PTM)s will be geld at regular intervals - clarify doubts,discuss the progress of students and implement ways and means to develop students in all areas.
  • Note : The Tentative dates for assessments and PTMs have been given in the above table . Any changes in the above schedule will be duly intimated through the school diary.
  • VI - X assessments will be done according - the CBSE and SSC board.

Code of Conduct for students

  • Regularity and implicit obedience,politeness , courtesy eof speech . conduct as well as cleanliness of dress , person and place should be carefully observed as routine of life .
  • Speaking English is compulsory in the school campus.
  • Books , News papers , periodicals , sports equipment or any other electronic gadgets are not allowed to be brought to the school with out the permission of the principal.
  • The behavior of the student in the school ot out side should be exemplary , Any reported or objectionable conduct in the school or out of the school on the part of the student can lead - a strict disciplinary action.
  • Students cannot change the bus with out the permission of the authorities.
  • Any student found - emulate undesirable action or speech will be liable for removal from the school.
  • Mobile Phone / Cellular phones are strictly banned in the premises.
  • Every student will be responsible for the school property and shall take utmost care - preserve it . In case of any damage he / she pay for it.