Science Lab

Science Lab

Science lab

First hand experience in the observation and manipulation of the material of science is superior to the other methods of developing an understanding and appreciation of the subject. A fully equipped science laboratory and focused classroom teaching help children observes the various processes and understand the relationship between an action and its reaction.

The science lab equipment allows the student to interact directly with the data gathered. Several scientific theories and concepts are difficult to explain straight from the books. Anatomic models, Physics kits and Chemistry kits make it easy to understand the intricacies of Science. In simple words, Science engages the students, curiosity, provides practical tools for understanding everyday life and advances critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.


  • Our management always supported us with a dynamic outlook. Never compromised on anything less than the best infrastructure. This year we are fortunate to have many new additions to the existing infrastructure.
  • A new building was constructed with spacious classrooms for the Primary & Secondary classes, well equipped Computer Labs, Science Labs, Library & a spacious sophisticated auditorium.
  • Huge Playground was added annexe to the school building .
  • Pre primary play area is shifted to a larger space & was provided with adequate play equipment.
  • Out of 27 students, 3 Secured 10 GPA, 10 Secured A1, 14 Secured A2 & 3 Secured B grade points.
  • A bigger toilet block was constructed in the ground floor for the sanitation need.